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Aspire Pocket X Featured

Remember when you had to lug around a glass vase filled with water and a couple hoses to enjoy a hookah ‘session’? And if you or your friends forgot to bring the shisha or coals, you were SOL.

Well my friends, thankfully those days are gone. The best hookah vapes of today are healthier, easier to use, and best of all, won’t leave your carpet looking like a burn victim. You can take them anywhere, and each of these starter kits can be had for less than $40. Have a look for yourself!

The Best Vape Pens on the Market


Product Name

Power Output

Tank Capacity



myJET Ultra Portable


direct output voltage (20w)

1.2 mL capacity

Aspire Pocket X Featured

Aspire AIO PockeX

direct output voltage (18w-23w)

2.0 mL capacity

Kanger EVOD Pro V2

Kanger EVOD Pro V2

direct output voltage (30w)

4.0 mL capacity

Subohm Tank

Eleaf iJust S

direct output voltage

4.0 mL capacity

Wismec Vicino D30

Wismec Vicino D30

5-60 watt output

6.0 mL capacity

As you work your way down the list, be aware that the products increase in price, power output, and tank/battery capacity, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the best hookah vaporizer to match your needs.

myJET Ultra Portable

Super simple, discreet, and draw activated, the MyJet is the perfect vape pen for people who don’t want to deal with buttons.

All you have to do is inhale, and it takes care of the rest. Its 350mAH battery wasn’t designed to get you through the day though, so if you’re a heavy or more experienced vaper, I recommend using this as your backup device.

Unregulated devices typically won’t have a digital display, but it does come with a USB port for charging, a 1.2 mL tank capacity.

Aspire Pocket X AIO

Aspire has their own candidate for the title of ‘best vape pen for hookah’, and it’s called the AIO PockeX. It  has a 1500mAH internal battery and 2.0 mL tank, making it a more realistic all day device. However, what sets it apart from the competition are the U-tech coils it uses to deliver thicker, more flavorful clouds.

Its top-fill design make it incredibly easy to refill the tank without having to take it off, while the top-airflow support gives you the freedom to adjust the density of your vapor. White, black, silver, or rose gold; the choice is yours!

Kanger EVOD Pro V2

The demand for bigger tanks and smaller batteries with more power is what inspired the creation of the Kanger EVOD Pro V2.

It has 4.0 mL tank capacity to reduce how often you need to refill it, a 2500mAH internal battery for when you need it most, and just like the Aspire AIO—also features a convenient top-fill and top-airflow design.

All in all, it might be the best hookah vape pen for you if you’re on the hunt for your first sub-ohm device. It comes in black, white, or stainless.

Eleaf iJust S

The Eleaf iJust S comes in two colors (black and silver) and isn’t all that different from the EVOD Pro V2, except that it’s a powerhouse! To make room for its impressive 3000mAH internal battery, it measures 24.5mm in diameter instead of 22mm, but still fits comfortably in the hand. Like the last three devices, it utilizes direct output voltage so the more battery power it has, the bigger the clouds.

It also features a 4.0 mL tank for almost nonstop cloud production. If you know you’ll be spending a lot of time away from home, the extra battery life is sure to come in handy, and price is a bargain.

Wismec Vicino D30

To some people, size definitely matters, and the Vicino D30 is the biggest vape pen on the list. But it’s not just for looks. This bad boy has a 6 mL tank capacity, variable wattage control, and a 3000mAH internal battery that seems to never run out of power (assuming you charge it every night).

By turning the dial on the bottom of the device, you can adjust the wattage anywhere from 5W to 60W, but I’ve found that 50W provides the most outstanding flavor and cloud production. If variable wattage is important to you, then there’s no doubt the Vicino D30 is the best hookah vaporizer pen on the market today.

Nobody Said You Can Only Have One

If you’re having a difficult time deciding between a couple of them, keep in mind that they’re all super affordable and nobody said you were limited to getting one! Each of them are unique, and how often you vape will likely determine the one you decide to get right away. However, if you’d like to have a closer look at the last two devices on the list, the following link will take you to a video that compares the iJust S, the Vicino D30, as well as the Aspire K4.

Happy vaping!

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