Best Sub-Ohm Tank Comparison

Sub Ohm Tank Comparison Review

With 2015 shaping up to be the year of the Sub Ohm Tank, at least in part, I figured that a comparison review of some of the most popular sub ohm clearomizers was warranted. Now, with every manufacturer and their mother vying to get in on the sub ohm tank craze, choosing which sub ohm tank to buy can seem like a daunting task.

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I have chosen three different sub ohm style tanks to focus on in this review, each one offering something slightly different the next, even as each one promises to meet the same end. This review will feature the following sub ohm tanks for comparison:

Each sub ohm tank featured in this review is authentic, and each tank comes in brand specific packaging as shown below.

Sub Ohm collage 1


    • Material: 304 grade stainless and pyrex glass
    • Connection threading: 510
    • E-liquid capacity: 3.5ml
    • Diameter:22mm
    • Height: 70.5mm
    • Coil resistance: .50 ohms (2 included)


  • Material: Stainless steel and pyrex glass
  • Connection threading: 510
  • E-liquid capacity: 3.0ml
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 70.7mm
  • Coil resistance: .50 & .30 ohm (1 each included)


  • Material: 304 grade stainless steel and pyrex glass
  • Connection threading: 510
  • E-liquid capacity: 3.0ml
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 70mm
  • Coil resistance: .20 & .50 ohm ( 1 each included)


DELTA II I really liked the body style of the Joyetech Delta II from the moment I saw it, even as I have heard it panned as plain looking by some other vapers. Being a fan of stainless steel everything, the almost full body SS look was right up my alley.

The Delta II has a brushed stainless steel outer body, with a full pyrex glass inner tank. There are three set of 3 vertically cut viewing windows around the stainless steel tank so that you can see your e-liquid level. While I have had no problem viewing the e-liquid levels during the day, at night when it is dark it does become difficult to see your e-liquid level.

The Delta II does come with a stainless steel, wide bore 510 drip tip (removable), which also has a delrin base to help keep the DT cool. While the drip tip is a wide bore, it is considerably smaller than the ginormous high flow, and chuff style drip tips that a lot of cloud chasers use. For me this is a very good thing.

Sub Ohm collage 2a

ASPIRE ATLANTIS 2 The Atlantis 2 has basically the same aesthetic as the original Atlantis sub ohm tank, with the only difference being the updated high flow drip tip, which can only be exchanged with other super bore high flow style drip tips. You cannot use another standard 510 drip with this clearomizer. The new drip tip also has adjustable air flow at the base so that you can cool the vapor when vaping at very high wattage’s.

The air flow valve has also been upgraded, but I will get to that a little later. As far as the aesthetic .. eh, its ok. While it is not an unattractive atomizer, the aesthetic is a bit busy with all the vertical lines at the base of the atomizer, and the drip tip. The Aspire has a sporty look that seems to appeal to the masses even as it is not my cup of tea aesthetically speaking.

Sub Ohm collage 2b

HORIZON ARTIC BTDC – I will admit that even before I actually saw the Artic BTDC sub ohm tank, that I was prepared to not like it based on the name alone. Why would anyone name a sub ohm tank with usually very warm vapor production the Artic?
1. of or relating to the regions around the North Pole.
2. informal (of weather conditions) very cold. synonyms:(bitterly) cold, wintry, freezing, frozen, icy, glacial, hypothermic, gelid, subzero, polar, Siberian, bone-chilling “arctic weather conditions”.

China has their own way of looking at the world eh? LOL .. But in all seriousness, later when we get to the BTDC coils the name Artic will start to make more sense, kinda. As far the aesthetic style of the Artic tank goes, this atomizer is actually quite handsome in person, more so than any photo of it would reveal in my opinion.

The Horizon Artic is made from 304 grade stainless steel with a pyrex glass tank, and it also comes with a super wide bore drip tip, which is larger than the Delta IIs drip tip, yet smaller than the Atlantis 2s drip tip. While I do not care for the length, or girth of the Artics drip tip, it is removable and I can use any style 510 drip that I like, unlike the Atlantis 2.

Sub Ohm collage 2c

NIKKI’S PICK FOR BEST STYLE: The Horizon Artic BTDC what the photos dont do the best job at showing is the tone and texture of the stainless steel, which is very even and has a nice new shiney sheen to it although it is a brushed stainless steel finish. With the drip tip of my choice, and mounted to my SXmini, the Artic tank looks the bizness.

Sub Ohm collage 2


The Joyetech Delta II, Aspire Atlantis 2, and the Horizon Artic BTDC all breakdown into the same 4 basic parts, the base w/AFC, replaceable sub ohm coil head, a stainless steel and pyrex tank section, and drip tip. The Atlantis 2 differs from the other two sub ohm in that while the top portion of the drip tip is removable, it is not a 510 drip tip and cannot be interchanged with other standard 510 drip tips.

All three sub ohm tanks are what I would consider high quality, and very durable. The AFC of each tank is well constructed, and stays in place. Each sub tank also has smooth threading between the base, coil head, and tank section. The Atlantis 2 is the only tank which has a removable glass section.

NIKKIS PICK FOR BUILD QUALITY: I choose all three! Not one of these sub tanks is a letdown when it comes to build quality.

Sub Ohm collage 3


DELTA II – The Delta II has two fully adjustable cyclops style air holes on either side of the base. What I find a little annoying is that there are no specs for the exact air hole size. The AFC is adjusted to the left to open, and to the right to close. The AFC does not have 360 degree rotation, but it moves smoothly through adjustments, and stays in place once set.

ASPIRE ATLANTIS 2 – The Atlantis actually has two cyclops style air holes, and one smaller round air hole on the base. When I first received the Atlantis 2 I did not even realize that there was a smaller air hole, which is also the reason it is not shown below. The 3rd round air hole appears to be approx 3mm in diameter.

The 3rd air hole is a bit of a head scratcher because you cannot use the 3rd smaller air hole by itself. You have the choice of using both cyclops air holes, or one cyclops and the round 3mm air hole. Who came up with this wacky air hole arrangement, and why? While I could understand the benefit of having the option of a single 3mm air hole alone, it makes little sense to me when combined with a cyclops air hole. That being said, the AFC works and adjusts well.

ARTIC BTDC – The Artic has quadruple 3x1mm full adjustable air holes around the base, and I appreciate the fact that Horizon has specified the size of each air hole too! Well kinda .. even as the air hole size appears in the product specs, these four air holes are larger than 3mm wide x 1mm high. The height of the Delta IIs air hole is about 1mm, so there is no way that the Artics air holes are as well.

That being said, the AFC is smooth and easy to adjust, and even with the AFC completely closed there is still air flow into the atomizer. With the AFC closed the Artic tank takes on the feel of a Kayfun Lite, so this AFC can really alter the feel of your vape.


Sub Ohm collage 4


DELTA II – The Delta II comes with two LVC coils rated for .50 ohms and 20-45W. LVC stands for liquid valve control as the coil heads can be adjusted to change how much e-liquid is drawn into the coil head while vaping. I would have liked it if Joyetech would have included some information regarding the wicking material used in this coil head. It is also worth mentioning that the Delta II does have a rebuildable atomizer head which must be purchased separately.

ASPIRE ATLANTIS 2 – The Atlantis 2 comes with two BVC coil heads with one rated for .30 ohms/70-80W, and the other .50 ohm/20-30W. The Atlantis 2 BVC coils claim to be made with 100% Japenese cotton. Aspire does not offer any kind of RBA head for the Atlantis 2.

ARTIC BTDC – The Artic tank comes with two bottom turbine dual coil heads with one rated for .20 ohms/30-100w, and the other for .50 ohm/30-80W. Now, what I would have liked to have seen from Shenzhen Horizon is a better explanation regarding the construction of their turbine coil. A turbine is a mechanism where some type of wheel or rotor is made to revolve by fast moving water, steam, gas, or air is there really a little rotor built into each coil head? Or is this just a gimmick to boost product interest and sales?

Truthfully I cannot answer that without seeing the head taken apart, which I had no interest in doing myself. The Artic BTDC coils are made with 100% organic cotton. At this time the Artic sub ohm tank does not have a RBA head for this atomizer.

Being that the coil heads go hand in hand with the overall performance of each Tank, I am not going to make a pick for best coil head yet.

Sub Ohm collage 5


DELTA II – The Delta is specd to have a 3.5ml capacity however, I was actually able to fit 3.8mls of e-liquid (measured by syringe) into the Delta IIs tank. Due to the design and construction of the Deltas tank, I could not tell if there was any wasted space inside the tank. But I was certainly happy to be able to fit almost 4mls of e-liquid into this atomizer.

ASPIRE ATLANTIS 2 The Atlantis 2 has a slightly bumped up e-liquid capacity from the 2mls of the original Atlantis, to the 3mls of the Atlantis 2. The Atlantis 2 can hold exactly 3ml of e-liquid as measured by syringe. There appears to be a tiny bit of wasted space in the tank (photo below) however, I believe that it only appears that way because this is the first fill using the .50 ohm coil. A new coil is going to initially absorb a good bit of the e-liquid in the tank after the first fill.

ARTIC BTDC – The Artic is specd to have a 3ml e-liquid capacity however, I was able to fit exactly 3.2mls of e-liquid into the tank as measured by syringe. After the first fill the Artic BTDC appeared to have the most wasted space in the tank, as shown in the photo below. However, as it was with the Aspire, the new coil head actually absorbed a decent amount of e-liquid on the first fill.

NIKKIS PICK FOR BEST E-LIQUID CAPACITY – Duh, the Joyetech Delta II of course.

Sub Ohm collage 6


For this comparison review I used the .50 ohm coil head for each atomizer, and used a regulated device initially set to 40W (Yihi SXmini S class and Hicgar HB 40). I also made sure that I used e-liquids that I was very familiar with, each one being a max VG blend.

DELTA II I paired the Delta with my one of my SXminis set to 40W and I did not adjust the liquid control valve on the coil head, I left it in its out of the box condition. My very first vape was . almost amazing. I say almost because at 40W the vapor produced was hot, and I do not like hot vapes. However, the flavor was absolutely outstanding out of the gate. In fact for me this was the best that my Dr. Juice Doctor Custard flavor has ever tasted, and I have been vaping this e-liquid for several months now.

I was genuinely impressed by the top notch flavor produced by the Joyetech Delta II, especially being that the wattage was set so high. But 40W was too high for me, so I set this baby down to 25W and I vaped happy from there. The coil heads performance is excellent, but flavor did start to drop off a little after 4 days of all day use (1 A? tanks per day). All in all, I find the Delta II to be a fantastic sub ohm tank.

ASPIRE ATLANTIS 2 I paired Atlantis 2 with the HB 40 box mod, and to say that my first vape was disappointing is an understatement. Initially the flavor produced was not good, the flavor tasted weak and way off from what I am used to. I was surprised by my initial impression because the Atlantis is so well regarded by vapers all over the world. The vapor produced was less warm than the Delta II, but this was a good thing for me.

I let the Atlantis 2 sit for a while thinking that perhaps it needed more time to absorb the e-liquid. Allowing the Atlantis 2 to sit for a few hours did benefit the flavor production, however, I still was not happy with how one of my favorite e-liquids tasted in this atomizer. Over the course of the 7 days that I used the Atlantis 2, it is still on its first tank full of e-liquid, with about 1.5ml remaining. The flavor produced is a little bland and one dimensional in my opinion.

ARTIC BTDC – I paired the Artic with the SXmini at 40W and my initial impression was almost the same as the Delta II, yet there were some definite differences between how these two tanks produce flavor and vapor. First off, the vapor produced on the Artic was by far the coolest in terms of temperature. This is huge for me because I prefer a cooler vape, which should not be confused with a cold vape.

This is where I believe the Artic name comes in, which is still not entirely accurate or appropriate, but the Artic does vape cooler than both the Delta and Atlantis 2 even at 40W. The flavor produced by the Artic tank is very good, and it reminded me immediately of the Rose V2 RTA because it has the same sharp, and clear flavor production.

Sub Ohm collage 7


Even as I set up, and used each Sub Ohm tank simultaneously and for the same period of time, I relied on natural selection to determine which of these three Sub Ohm tanks is the winner of this comparison review. The tank that I used and enjoyed the most was the Joyetech Delta II without question. While I like the cooler vape and flavor production of the Horizon Artic BTDC, the Delta II is the tank that I reached for time and time again.

The Horizon Artic BTDC is a strong 2nd even as I feel it has the best aesthetic and AFC. The Atlantis 2 is a very distant 3rd, in fact, I will take the Atlantis 2 completely off my list because I don’t ever plan to use it again. There is really nothing that I like about the Aspire Atlantis 2 unfortunately. But just because I don’t like the Atlantis 2, that doesn’t mean that others will not. I do believe that the Atlantis 2 will continue to appeal to cloud chasers who enjoy this exhaust pipe style of vaping.

The Delta IIs flavor production is just fantastic, and when set to 25W I really, really enjoyed the vape more than any other sub ohm style tank that I have tried to date. Going forward the Delta II will be the standard by which I measure all other sub ohm tanks.

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Best Sub-Ohm Tank Winners:

Sub Ohm final photo

Nicole Lea is a committed vape gear enthusiast of 3 years, who is dedicated to informing, educating, and guiding the vape community in this amazing world of electronic cigarettes.

  • Dimitry 05/18/2015

    Great reviews, but do they leak or gurgle?

    • Dimitry 05/18/2015

      Thanks Nicole! By the way, just looked and Fasttech has the authentic Horizon Arctic for $20.83 right now

  • Joe Thomas 05/18/2015

    What do you think of the kanger subtank mini? Where do you think it stands In comparison to these 3 tanks?

  • Robert Bates 05/18/2015

    I just wanted to point out that u can, in fact, remove the glass tank completely from the Arctic. I own several Sub ohm tanks and my favorite has been a toss up between the Arctic, the Heracles, and the Sub tank plus, I find that the Delta 2s coil heads are not consistent and I couldn’t vape any, out of the ones that came with it and a whole box of 5, of the coil heads at their recommend 45w limit with out burnt or dry hits coming after around two pulls. So the Delta 2 is farther down my list. Just my 2cents. great review as usual, keep up the good work!

  • Jon 05/19/2015

    Nice review! I had the Delta II did not like the whistle sound, but vape was okay. I am now using the Arctic and love it. Looks like I will have to revisit the Atlantis! Thanks for you honest opinions!


  • Dan 05/19/2015

    Freemaxx Starre beats all there in my opinion and hourssssss of research.

  • scott t 05/19/2015

    You forgot the herakles and the maganus! IMO blows them all clean out of the water!!

  • Shawn Becker 05/19/2015

    You should review the Herakles and the Matrix they are the best high wattage subohm tabks I’ve tried!

      • Nitsa 08/19/2015

        Hi guys I’ve git the deltta2 sub tank mini the Herakles the Maganus the crown the Smowell Hatrick & last but not least the starre pro Now Handsdown the Maganus & Starre pro. & Herakles are 1st 2nd 3rd the crown & Hatrick tank are completely different type of sub tanks I can’t split them 4th then the sub mini I’m sorry but putting the Dellta is a long last 1st can’t see your juice properly 2nd very hard to fill 3rd and very important the coils are massive but I took 1 apart & that’s not cotton inside you can only Vape at 25-35max it whistles it has 1 good thing it’s hard to break the glass but who care every other sub ohm give you a spare glass sorry but I’ve bought it tried & tried for weeks with it trying different juice but at total waste of money on the coils alone not being cotton should keep you away I here it’s ceramic I’ve herd it’s finer glass stay away.

  • Shawn Becker 05/19/2015

    I can’t edit my comments! ugh! tanks*

  • Gary 05/20/2015

    “While I do not care for the length, or girth” You sure know how to makes us guys feel good about ourselves! 🙂

    That line was just too tempting for a misquote!

  • Graham Gleason 05/21/2015

    I have an artic tank and I stopped using it for a few reasons. It leaks if it’s left in the wrong conditions, like in a hot car or laying down on my desk-which I realize is a bad idea in general, but the thing leaks period which is a major turn off for me. It also makes a crackling sound when you first fire it, I’ve tried swapping out the coils, using it on different mods (unregulated and variable voltage) to try and stop the crackling to no avail. The thing gurgles sometimes in different environments ie. if I’m vaping in my room it seems to gurgle, but when I step outside or I’m in my car it seems to work fine again. It must be sensitive to ambient temperature or humidity. The crackling when you fire it bugs me the most probably, the juice pops and spits up the drip tip and I get little hot drops of juice shooting into my mouth. I really liked this tank in the beginning because it produces massive vapor and it worked great the first week or two of owning it. However my relationship with this tank has been a love/hate relationship-mostly hate. I had different issues equally as unpleasant with my kanger subtank mini and ending up selling it to a friend who wanted the thing knowing the problems I had with it. So I find myself reading this article hoping that maybe there’s another subtank out there that is hassle free and just WORKS as it should… I guess I’ll have to keep dripping and driving and hunting for a subtank that actually does its job without causing headaches.

  • Karl Chacra 05/21/2015

    The Maganus and the Freemax Starre are the same tank. Freemax is the one I recommend though.

    • scott t 05/21/2015

      Yes whoever is marketing the maganus completly ripped it off from starre! I agree with you

      • Nathan 05/21/2015

        I’m sure its made by the same manufacturer, one company designs a new products then they sell branded versions to distributors.

        • Nitsa 08/19/2015

          Nathan is Asmodus & Segeli are the same company just different Names like the maganus & Starre a few people have told me the there the same company?

          • Nathan 08/19/2015

            I was under the impression that Asmodus is a distribution company and Sigelei makes products. I’m not sure is Sigelei owns Asmodus but it would make sense…

    • Nitsa 08/19/2015

      Hi guys I’ve git the deltta2 sub tank mini the Herakles the Maganus the crown the Smowell Hatrick & last but not least the starre pro Now Handsdown the Maganus & Starre pro. & Herakles are 1st 2nd 3rd the crown & Hatrick tank are completely different type of sub tanks I can’t split them 4th then the sub mini I’m sorry but putting the Dellta is a long last 1st can’t see your juice properly 2nd very hard to fill 3rd and very important the coils are massive but I took 1 apart & that’s not cotton inside you can only Vape at 25-35max it whistles it has 1 good thing it’s hard to break the glass but who care every other sub ohm give you a spare glass sorry but I’ve bought it tried & tried for weeks with it trying different juice but at total waste of money on the coils alone not being cotton should keep you away I here it’s ceramic I’ve herd it’s finer glass stay away.

  • scott t 05/21/2015

    Yes! The Artic and the subtank mini were dissapointing for mw as well! If you gat a maganus or a herakles I dont think you could be dissapointed in anyway! Hopw this helps!

  • Barbara 05/23/2015

    Hi. I really enjoyed this review. Actually, it’s the 1st one I’ve read in full. Thank you. I was wondering about the throat hits on these tanks. How strong are they? I prefer a very strong throat hit, stronger than most would consider to be good. Would you recommend one of the reviewed ones, or another? I have an Aspire but the taste of my adv is off, compared to when I drip. Its actually quite bitter. Thanks.

  • Jean-Philippe 05/27/2015


    I think the Vision MK Sub ohm Tank will be a reference in the future. What do you think about it Nicole ?

  • William Thornley 05/31/2015

    The Herakles now has 2;@3 ohm coils. I like a cooler vape also. The Herakles won’t dissapoint, not with vapor or flavor. Liked it so much I got a second

  • bzeisman 06/03/2015

    i have a lot of these subohm tanks and my personal favorite is the Vapor Chaser that smoktech puts out. how would that one stack up against the ones reviewed here?

  • khornutz 06/15/2015

    I have the Delta 2, Atlantis 2, Arctic, Herakles, Gimlet, and the Starre. Starre is by far the best out of all of these. The Gimlet is garbage. Everything else is still good though. But the Starre is the best tank IMO. The only problem that I notice with the Starre is that it has a weird taste on a fresh coil head.

  • scott t 06/15/2015

    Sorry but these are 3 of the worst! Try the herakles the maganus the zephyrus then you will know what is really good! Just sayin!!

  • Rambo Gervais 06/26/2015

    I have the Delta II and the Atlantis 2. I’m having a problem with the Atlantis 2 coil heads. Not only do I get a funny metallic taste (even after sitting for a hour) but the coils seem to taste burnt after like four hours or so. I’ve got an iStick 30 watt sub ohm mod and a Cloupor mini 30 watt and I’ve tried vaping at 15, 20, 25 and 30 watts and still the burnt taste after less than half a tank of juice. The Delta II has an awesome flavor imho with my only gripe being it’s kinda a task to fill especially if you’re in a moving vehicle (not while driving) even with a needle tip bottle. Thanks for your awesome reviews!!!

    • Nathan 06/26/2015

      Have you tried more than one coil head, sometimes people get bad coils.

  • Joe 07/08/2015

    How about a review of a sub tank that has really got my attention and would really like to purchase is the Sauce Code By Project Sub Ohm great Price crazy cross compatibility and made in the USA.. I havent had a chance to try one but a good review of it would be enough get me to order one or 2. I hope you havent already reviewd this item and I missed it tho!

    Cheers and keep the reviews comming I preferr to make informed purchases!!

  • Thrash 07/18/2015

    The Delta 2 is a availible in black which is nice. I use the D2 with Horizon Ni200 coils on a temp control mod, 50 watts, 500 degrees and it chugs like a steam train. Vape for miles. My only knock is that it goes through juice like no tomorrow.

  • Ben M 08/27/2015

    What about the Smok TFV4? Do you not do temp control coil reviews? That’s something I wanna see. Great article very informative. I personally owned the Atlantis V2 and then bought the Arctic and immediately sold the Atlantis lol.



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