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Best RTAs 2017 Edition

Best RTAs 2017 Edition

RTAs or rebuildable tank atomizers have always been popular, but even more so in 2017. We’ve seen a lot of RTAs being released by a wide variety of companies, but there were some that really stood out from the rest and delivered an incredible vape experience. With more vapers getting into building their own coils rather than prebuilt coil heads, it was clear that’d we see a lot more being released going into this year.

Now that we’re close to the end of 2017 and most major released RTAs have hit the market, the big question is, what are the Best RTAs of 2017? Well, you’re in the right place as our Best RTAs 2017 Edition article will cover various top performing RTAs of this year. Each RTA atomizer listed will be based upon performance, quality, price, and availability.

Also, something you probably noticed this year is the influx of single coil RTAs, so we’ll be splitting this article into two different sections, one covering dual coil RTAs and the other for single coil RTAs. Before getting further into this review, we’d like to thank our sponsors: GearBest, VapeSourcing, CVapor and Heaven Gifts.


Best Dual Coil RTAs

Advken Manta RTA

  • 24mm Base Diameter
  • 3ml/4.5ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Two Post Build Deck
  • Compatible with 810 Drip Tips (Includes Ultem Wide Bore Drip Tip)
  • 4 Color Options Available

The Advken Manta RTA is one of the most popular rebuildable tank atomizers on the market today, and for good reason! It’s available in four different colors which are Black, Stainless Steel, Gold and Rainbow. It does sport an overall base diameter of 24mm, so it’ll look great on most, if not all devices you attach it to! What stands out with the Manta RTA is the incredible flavor and vapor production you’ll experience. The airflow is silky smooth, and is fully adjustable.

What’s great about the Manta is that it includes a Bubble Tank section which increases it’s e-juice capacity from 3ml (with the standard glass tank) to 4.5ml. The reason why many people like the bubble tank is that it increases the e-liquid capacity without increasing the overall size of the atomizer; therefore not effecting the performance. It simply makes the tank slightly wider, which is much preferred. With it’s 2 post build deck, it makes for coil installs a breeze.

Overall, the Advken Manta RTA is definitely one of the best RTAs of this year, and best of all it’s incredibly affordable! If you’re interested in reading all of our thoughts on the Manta RTA, be sure to check out our full review.

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Augvape Boreas V2 RTAAugvape Boreas V2 RTA

  • 24mm Base Diameter
  • 2.5ml/5ml E-Juice Capacity
  • Velocity Styled Build Deck
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • Colors Available: Black, Stainless Steel, Gold

The original Augvape Boreas RTA was a huge success when it first released. Fast forward just over a year, and they’ve finally released the version 2, and they did not disappoint! The first thing you’ll notice when comparing the two is the shorter profile in the newest rendition, which makes it much more visually appealing. The Augvape Boreas 2 features a velocity styled build deck, and if you’ve read our previous reviews or have seen our YouTube videos, you know we’re big fans of this style build deck! This is by far one of the easiest to build on in our opinion, which is great for the beginner!

This RTA does include two 5ml glass tank sections along with the chimney extension (pre-installed), and an additional 2.5ml glass tank section. When the smaller tank section is installed, it’s one of the most compact RTAs we’ve ever seen, giving it a very stealthy profile, so this setup will definitely go great with your smaller vape mods. The Boreas V2 does have fully adjustable airflow, and the airflow is directed right at the sides of the coils, providing you with a smooth draw.

The Augvape Boreas V2 is definitely an upgrade to the original, and definitely one of the best performers of the year. If you’re a fan of the original Boreas, then you’ll definitely love this vape tank!

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Geekvape Ammit Dual RTAGeekvape Ammit Dual Coil RTA

  • 25mm Base Diameter (27mm at its widest point)
  • 3ml/6ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Postless Build Deck
  • Compatible with 810 & 510 Drip Tips
  • Colors Available: Black & Silver

The Geekvape Ammit Dual RTA is another popular RTA, and one reason being is that it has an e-liquid capacity of 3ml or 6ml. It does come with an extension glass and chimney, so you can hold up to 6ml of e-liquid! When you’re not wanting a larger RTA and want something more stealthy, simply utilize the included smaller glass tank section, and you’re good to go! Another great feature of the Ammit Dual is the postless build deck. We’ve seen this style of build deck become very popular this year, since it makes coil installs incredibly easy, plus it allows for more room when building! Wicking is also easy thanks to its large wicking ports.

This atomizer is also compatible with both 810 drip tips and 510 drip tips (using the included adapter). It does include a wide bore Ultem Drip Tip, similar to the one found on the Manta RTA. The Geekvape Ammit Dual also features fully adjustable airflow, and the airflow does hit under the coil, so you’ll be getting excellent flavor. There are only two colors available for purchase, which are Black and Silver.

All in all, the Geekvape Ammit Dual RTA has surely proven itself to be one of the best for this year. With its 3ml and 6ml e-liquid capacity, it gives the user flexibility, and the postless build deck just makes building that much easier. Be sure to check out our full review where we go more into detail as to why we think it’s a top performer.

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Vandy Vape Kylin RTARTA

  • 24mm Base Diamter (26mm at its widest point)
  • 2ml/6ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Postless Build Deck
  • Compatible with 810 & 510 Drip Tips (Includes various drip tips)
  • Colors Available: Stainless Steel, Black, Gold, Rainbow

Vandy Vape is a relatively new company, and has continuously impressed us this year. One of their atomizers even made it to our Top RDAs For Clouds and Flavor. The Kylin was one of their first releases, and became a favorite of many vapers. For one, just like the Ammit Dual it has 2 different e-juice capacities, 2ml and 6ml, which is always a good thing. In addition, it does feature a postless build deck, which allows for a variety of coil builds. With the Kylin’s build deck, you can even install a large single coil if you wanted.

Just like with all other VandyVape products, you can expect excellent build quality. This RTA does feature fully adjustable bottom airflow, and it does lock into place, making adjusting it easy and precise. What’s great about the Kylin is that it includes 3 different drip tips! That’s the most we’ve ever seen to actually come with a tank. It also comes with a 510 drip tip adapter, so you can basically use all of your favorite drip tips with this atomizer!

The Kylin RTA by Vandy Vape is certainly one of the top performers of 2017, and easily one of the most popular. It does come in 4 different color options, which is perfect for you vapers who love to match their mods and atomizers. If you’re looking for a solid performing dual coil RTA, then the Kylin is definitely worth considering.

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Reload Vapor USA Reload RTA

  • 24mm Base Diameter
  • Gold Plated Postless Build Deck
  • Fully Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • 3.5ml E-Juice Capacity
  • Colors Available: Black, Stainless Steel, Gold

The Reload RTA by Reload Vapor USA is another popular RTA, and is considered to be the best overall dual coil RTA atomizer by many vapers. Just like some of the other atomizers listed here, this one does feature a gold plated postless styled build deck, making coil installs quick and easy. The airflow is a bit different though as they are angled, providing some of the best flavor we’ve had from a dual coil vape tank.

The Reload RTA is available in three different colors which are Black, Stainless Steel and Gold. In addition, each color does include a wide bore Ultem 810 drip tip, which is perfect for cloud chasing! The Reload does have an e-juice capacity of 3.5ml and features a knurled top cap, which makes it easy to grip and unscrew to fill your tank.

The Reload Vapor USA Reload RTA is a bit pricier than the rest, but we do think it’s worth even penny, especially when you consider it’s impeccable performance. If you don’t mind the higher price point, then we easily recommend picking up this RTA, you won’t be disappointed.

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Best Single Coil RTA


  • 25mm Base Diameter
  • Unique Clamp Style Build Deck
  • 3.5ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Sliding Top Fill Design
  • Wide Range of Colors Available

The original OBS Crius RTA was released back at the end of 2015 with an updated version being released the beginning of the following year. This was one of the most popular RTAs of that generation, and was an everyday tank for many vapers including us at Vaping Cheap. Fast forward to this year, and OBS has finally released the OBS Crius II, which was highly anticipated by many. This newer version is completely different than the original, but keeps a few key features such as the top slide fill design, which makes filling on the go easy.

The OBS Crius II features a unique single coil build deck that features a high-tech Zircconia black piece that is not only heat resistant, but corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidative. The airflow is designed to that air will travel both on the side of the coil and underneath, ensuring the best of flavor. Coming in at 25mm, it’ll fit great on most box mods available today. Lastly, it does have a 3.5ml e-liquid capacity, which is good amount for a single coil.

Overall, the OBS Crius II RTA is a much improved vape tank that offers excellent performance at an unbeatable price. If you were a fan of the original and looking for a new single coil RTA atomizer, then definitely consider this one.

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Vandy Vape Govad RTAVandy Vape Govad RTA

  • 24mm Base Diameter (26mm Outside Diameter)
  • 2ml/4ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • 2 Post Clamp Style Deck (Spring Loaded)
  • 3 Dimensional Airflow System
  • Colors Available: Stainless Steel, Black, Gold, Rainbow

As mentioned earlier in this article, VandyVape has thoroughly impressed us this year, so it’s no surprise that their Govad RTA is listed here. This tank does have a base diameter of 24mm, and extends to 26mm. In addition, it has a 2ml or 4ml e-liquid capacity and an easy top fill design. This atomizer does come pre-installed with a tank capacity reducer which is easy to install and uninstall.

What’s great about this RTA is that it has airflow that hits both side of the coil and underneath the coil, giving you tons of available airflow. The airflow can easily be adjusted using the bottom airflow control ring. It’s 2 post spring loaded clamp style deck means coil installs couldn’t be easier. Another huge pro for the Govad RTA is that it is compatible with both 510 and 810 drip tips, so you can use all of your favorite custom drip tips! Included with this tank, you do receive an 810 Ultem and 810 delrin drip tip.

All in all, the Vandy Vape Govad RTA is another home run by Vandy Vape. If you’re into cloud chasing looking for a single coil RTA, then look no further! Be sure to check out our review for our full thoughts.

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Envii Artisan RTA

  • 22mm Base Diameter
  • 3ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Removeable Postless Build Deck
  • Designed in Los Angeles, California
  • Colors Available: Silver, Gold

The Envii Artisan RTA is one of those atomizers that went under the radar, but it’s one of the best performing in our opinion, especially for a single coil RTA. With its overall design, you can tell this one was geared towards flavor. It is worth mentioning that this tank was designed in Los Angeles, California. The Artisan RTA sports an overall base diameter of 22mm, and features a compact design, making it look great on pretty much any device you attach it to, even your mini vape mods!

The Envii Artisan RTA also features a removeable postless style build deck, and fully adjustable bottom airflow. In addition, it has a 3ml e-juice capacity which is respectable considering its size, and an easy locking top fill design. The Artisan RTA does include a delrin 510 drip tip, so it’ll never get hot while vaping. Lastly, the colors available are silver and gold.

Although it’s not the most well known RTA on the market, it still is an excellent performer in our opinion. If you’re into flavor chasing and looking a compact 22mm RTA that’s affordable, then the Envii Artisan RTA is for you.

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Geekvape Ammit 25 RTAGeekvape Ammit 25 RTA

  • 25mm Base Diameter
  • 2ml/5ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Two Post Build Deck
  • 3 Dimensional Airflow System
  • Colors Available: Stainless Steel, Black, Gold, Blue

The Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA shares the same “Ammit” name as the previous one mentioned, but is a completely different beast as it supports single coil builds only. This one is more of a version 2 to the original Ammit than anything else, since the original was a single coil tank as well. The Ammit 25 RTA features a two post build deck with top mounted screws, so they won’t bend your leads. In addition, it has a 2ml or 5ml e-juice capacity with a top fill design. To extend this tank to a 5ml capacity, simply install the included chimney extension and glass, it’s as easy as that.

The Geekvape Ammit 25 is compatible with both 510 and 810 drip tips. Included with this tank, you do receive a delrin 510 drip tip, and an entire top cap specially designed for your 810 drip tips. Similar to the Govad RTA, this one also features a three dimensional airflow system allowing air to travel on the side and bottom of your coil, ensuring top notch flavor! The airflow is fully adjustable as well, so you can easily find your sweet spot.

The Geekvape Ammit 25 is a great single coil atomizer that provides excellent flavor and vapor. If you’re looking for solid all around performance, then you can’t go wrong with the Ammit 25 By Geekvape.

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Digiflavor Pharaoh RTARebuildable Tank Atomizer

  • 25mm Base Diameter (Extends to 27mm at its widest point)
  • 4.6ml E-Juice Capacity (Expansion Tube Included for an additional 3ml)
  • Spring Loaded Clamp Style Build Deck
  • Adjustable Top & Bottom Airflow
  • Colors Available: Black, Stainless Steel

The Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA is a collaboration between popular YouTuber Rip Trippers and Digiflavor. This RTA was released earlier this year, and quickly became one of our favorite single coil RTAs. This tank does have an overall base diameter of 25mm, and extends out to 27mm, so it’ll look great on your larger box mods. In addition, features a spring loaded clamp style build deck that sports a wide surface area, making it easy to install your exotic coil builds. Wicking is also easy due to its large wicking ports.

What’s great about the Pharaoh RTA is that is features both adjustable bottom and top airflow. What’s even better is that they are controlled independently, giving you a wide range of airflow configurations. In addition, the Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA has a 4.6ml e-liquid capacity, and includes an expansion tube for an additional 3ml, giving you over 7ml of e-juice capacity! Another great feature this RTA has is juice flow control, which helps prevent any leaking issues after filling.

Overall, the Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA is still one of our favorite single coil RTAs on the market, and great for long trips thanks to its large e-liquid capacity with the expansion tube. If you’re after a vape tank that holds a ton of e-juice and can fit large exotic coil builds with ease, then the Pharaoh RTA is definitely recommended! If you’re interested in reading more, be sure to check out our full review.

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 Geekvape Zeus RTAGeekvape Zeus RTA

  • 25mm Base Diameter
  • Unique Airflow Design
  • Fully Adjustable Top Airflow
  • Postless Build Deck
  • Colors Available: Black, Stainless Steel, Blue, Gun Metal

The Geekvape Zeus RTA is the newest atomizer coming from Geekvape that is quite unique. This is a top airflow RTA, so you won’t be getting any leaking whatsoever! It has a 4ml e-liquid capacity, and features a simplified top fill system, making filling a breeze. In addition, this atomizer is available in four different colors which are stainless steel, black, gun metal and blue.

What’s great about the Zeus RTA is its unique airflow. It’s similar to a 3D airflow system where the air will hit the coil on the both sides and underneath. This isn’t something we’ve seen before with a top airflow RTA, and it does provide excellent flavor with its design. This tank does come with a drip tip sleeve which can be taken off so you can insert your preferred 810 drip tip. It also includes a delrin 510 drip tip alongside the drip tip adapter, giving you even more options.

All in all, the Geekvape Zeus RTA has definitely made its way to the top of our list when it comes to top airflow tanks as it provides some of the best flavor we’ve had when compared to others. If you’re looking for an essential leak free single coil RTA, then the Zeus RTA is highly recommended.

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In conclusion, these are some of the best RTAs of 2017 in regards to pricing, performance, quality and availability. Even though there are tons of RTAs on the market today, these are the few that really stand out from the competition. No matter if you’re looking for a dual coil or single coil atomizer, one of these here will certainly provide you with what you’re looking for.

Just as a reminder, be sure to always understand battery safety and ohms law, especially vaping at higher wattages or lower resistances. Safety is always at the utmost importance, so it’s crucial that you understand these two aspects before getting into rebuilding.

We do hope this article helps you in finding the right RTA to fit your vaping needs! If there’s an RTA that wasn’t mentioned in this list, feel free to leave us a comment and let us know which RTA you think is best! With the overall design improvements and releases this year, we’re definitely looking forward to see what 2018 brings! Thanks for reading!

I am a vape hobbyist currently living in the central Florida area. I have been vaping for over two years now, and constantly keep up to date with the newest vape gear. I recently started working in the vape industry, and my goal is to inform as many people as I can of the benefits of vaping, and how to go about getting the best deals possible.




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