The Best Cloud Chasing RDAs on the Market REVIEWED

Mutation RDA

I'm writing this article with the assumption that you already know what RDAs are so I'll skip a whole explanation on what this is. This time around, I have decided to sort of run a competition among the products that everybody has been talking about this year. My main aim is to list then so that the best cloud chasing RDA will make the top of the list and the next four will follow. Just look through my list and let us know if you agree with us.

To try and answer our question, What is the best RDA for cloud chasing?, we looked at the main pros of each product, we then went on to give a rating to the product based on our experience with it and what others are already saying about it. Prices may vary depending on discounts and where you buy your unit.

The Best RDAs for Clouds

Product Image

Product Name




  • Choice of different finishes
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Large building deck

  • Adjustable airflow,
  • Extremely durable
  • Quality construction

  • Easy to rebuild
  • Smooth draw
Tugboat RDA V2 Review

  • Durable 
  • Uses quality materials
  • Produces great flavor
Mutation RDA

  • Excellent drip tip
  • Cross-manufacturer compatibility

The Goon RDA

The Goon RDA

Here is the promise you get from the guys at 528 Custom Vapes;

Massive clouds, and class leading flavor are non-negotiable —when it comes to the Goon RDA, they're guaranteed. This dripper is not only delivered with a generous deck to help you build and the airflow delivery is also very powerful.

The atomizer comes with a lot of options available including a drip tip the size of half an inch. If you prefer single coil, you can easily shut the other side of the airflow. You'll be happy to know that your brand new RDA will arrive in a kit that also has some spares such as post screws and spare O-rings.


    • You have a choice of different finishes, copper, stainless steel, brass or just black
    • Engraved logo on the side, that is if you like this kind of thing, sometimes manufacturers tend to overdo it
    • Manufactured well and looks good
    • Building on the big deck of this product is a breeze, thanks to the size


I hate to say that after looking around for something bad to say about the Goon RDA, I have actually come back empty handed maybe that is the reason why it appears first on our list of the best RDA for cloud chasing.

Velocity V2 RDA

Velocity V2 RDA

To make the Velocity, rival RDA manufacturers Dino Ferrari and Cisco came together, and I am sure that this is the reason why this product has come to be known as a unique atomizer that promises less while delivering more.

Where this RDA excels is the delivery of airflow —you have a lot of choices and you can adjust the airflow to suit your needs perfectly.

If you always approach atomizers with excessive care or if you've been disappointed by drippers with threading issues before, rest assured that you won't have any such problems with the Velocity V2 RDA.


  • Even though it all depends on how often you vape, you can expect to last a whole day on this vape
  • The body of the atomizer is manufactured from stainless steel while the center is made from solid copper
  • The airflow is adjustable without the need to spin the deck


    • As a product that is not always available in all geographic areas, other people end up having to settle for clones that do not actually offer the same quality I mention above

If you've got the time, you can find out more about the Velocity V2 on this YouTube Video:

GeekVape Tsunami RDA

GeekVape Tsunami Plus RDA

Make an RDA and put the word "Tsunami" anywhere in its description and you know you have drawn my attention.

The word promises a certain expectation of quality and I wanted to find out whether the GeekVape Tsunami RDA actually delivers on this promise. One thing that impresses me about GeekVape is that even though they are pretty new in the vaping industry they are already making waves (pun intended).

When you look at this product from the outside its design is rather simple. However, don't let its looks fool you, the simplicity of this atomizer's design makes it incredibly easy to rebuild. The atomizer is also simple to use and you can expect a lot of great flavor from it. 

Learn more about RDA Vapes on this forum.


      • Easy to rebuild, expect a lot of deck space
      • Spacious and deep juice well
      • The under-coil airflow is adjustable
      • The vapor produced is exceptional
      • Expect no leaking at all, or very little, if any
      • Comes with wide-bore drip tips
      • The draw is quite smooth


  • If you want a stylish RDA, this may be too understated for you
  • The airflow tubes tend to restrict the juice

Tugboat V2 Authentic RDA

Tugboat RDA V2

Do you want an RDA that can be described as trendy and modern, but also classic, in the same sentence? 

Then Tugboat V2 Authentic RDA might be just what you're looking for.

This basic RDA comes with lots of options and modular customization for its three parts: the barrel, three-post deck, and adjustable airflow.


  • The durability you get with this RDA is usually found in units that cost a lot more
  • The atomizer is manufactured from quality materials and the finishes are very fine
  • It is designed for someone who is looking for a product that will bring value without actually costing lots of money
  • The airflow options give you a choice whether you want to use single or double coils
  • The overall clouds that it produces are famous for producing a better flavor


  • Don't expect to get a lot of parts or great packaging with this product. However, at such a low cost, you're still getting a lot of value

Mutation X V4 RDA

Mutation RDA

If I leave the Mutation X V4 RDA out of this list, I'm worried some of you won't be able to take me seriously.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're probably wondering, "Why?". Simple, the Mutation X V4 is a very popular RDA among cloud chasers, despite its ergonomic flaws.

You can get this unit in black, white, stainless steel, or copper. I really do not like a lot of logos on my products so I like the copper one which comes without a logo.


    • Designed with a nice drip tip
    • The Mutation X V4 RDA has been redesigned to make the product compatible with other cloud chasing units currently in the market


  • It is certainly not one of the most good-looking RDAs I have seen
  • When the bottom air holes are open, they interfere with the well capacity
  • The edges of the blade cap (the part that blocks the airflow holes) are quite sharp and can cut your fingers if you aren't careful.


As you can well see: cloud chasers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the best cloud chasing RDAs.

If you think another RDA deserves a spot on this list, sound it out and leet me know in the comments. I tried to include something for everyone; understated beauty, different materials, and great designs among other features.

As you can see from the pros and cons, most of the products we feature have more good things about them than they do bad ones.

Sarah is an avid vaper dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. She strives to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.

  • gbalkam 11/22/2017

    Inaccurate headline and outdated information.
    Best Cloud Chasing RDA: 5 Leading The Pack This Year (2017)
    First, you are posting for best CLOUD CHASING RDA. IE.. biggest clouds. MutationX v4 has enough airflow to handle large coils at super high wattage. Outdated because currently MutationX V6 is available. A 24mm build deck, 18 air holes (plus deck airflow) and vertical wire clamps, which can easily handle those low gauge wire builds of 20 and 18ga.

    I am sure the top 4 you list are decent multipurpose RDA for flavor and cloud, but the MutX v4 is a cloud chucking beast. I would suggest a 20ga Kanthal 3.0mm id core, 7 wraps. (6 wraps and the resistance is a bit tricky) Soak your wick, open the air, crank the watts to 125+ and see if you can not choke on the cloud. lol.



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