Authentic Cera RDA $26.64

Cera RDA

Cera Rebuildable Atomizer

The Cera rebuildable dripping atomizer is now available for purchase through FocalEcig for just $26.64 with the coupon code, “FCVAPINGCHEAP.” This uni-body dripper is worth a glance just for its strange design, but it makes you stick around with its cloud and flavor production.

The Cera RDA is a fully biomedical-grade zirconia ceramic atomizer. If the material isn’t strange enough already, the design of the drip tip/sleeve is sure to throw you for a curve. Instead of the traditional three-piece design the Cera RDA utilizes only two pieces — the sleeve (with drip tip) and the base — making for one cohesive looking unit.

Just as with the overall design, the airflow on the Cera is also rather unique. It sports both top and bottom airflow, allowing for an almost vortex-like air current when vaping. The uni-body style and the airflow are reason enough, at least for me, to give this RDA a chance.

Another aspect of the Cera that makes it seem like a pretty good RDA is its build deck. The Cera RDA only sports a three-post design, but the screw for the center pin appears to be quite a bit larger than the others. I assume this makes for an easier time when building on the atomizer.

In all, the Cera RDA seems like a pretty great atomizer, especially for new vapers looking to get into cloud chasing. If you are in need of a new dripper, you should check this out. Do not miss out on getting the Cera RDA from FocalEcig for just $26.64. And as always, vape on.


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  • Unibody ceramic drip tip
  • Biomedical-grade zirconia ceramic material
  • 10 inflow holes for cloud chasers
  • Triple posts design
  • Posts material: Stainless Steel
  • 510 threaded connector (adjustable copper center pin)

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