Authentic Aspire Nautilus BDC Tank – $14.90 USA

Aspire Nautilus BDC Tank

Aspire Nautilus BDC Tank

Aspire Nautilus

Here’s another killer deal from Shop Vapor Co, you can get an Authentic Aspire Nautilus BDC tank for only $14.90 when you use coupon code “Flash25” for 25% off.

This coupon works site wide so you can find some other amazing deals on vaping supplies. You can get a Authentic Kanger Aerotank MEGA for only $19.21, that’s a screaming deal!

Plus if you make an order of over $50 bucks (after discount) you will get FREE SHIPPING! This is a new online store but if they keep up these deals I will be a fan for life!

Coupon Code: Flash25

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  • taz2041 06/07/2014

    I placed an order for around $75 and although it states free shipping (with $50 order) I was charged $2.99 for shipping. Although not a deal breaker Im not sure why they are showing free shipping on there website.
    I never heard of this company so I hope everything goes smooth. They also take pay-pal for payments.

      • taz2041 06/08/2014

        My order total was just under $75 after the discount (around $100 before the coupon).

          • taz2041 06/08/2014

            I sent them an email about the shipping charge about 20 minutes after placing the order but they never responded.
            The funny thing about that is, Later that day I went to there site to re-check my order info and realized I had put my shipping info in wrong so I sent them an email about correcting my shipping info. They responded to THAT email right away.
            As of now they still have not responded to the email about the shipping charge.

            When i went to there website send an email about changing my shipping address, I was going to make another purchase for the Hana 30 watt mod which was $79.89 but when I went to order it was showing “out of stock”.
            Fast forward an hour and I receive an email from them saying that my shipping address has been corrected. So i decide to go to there website to verify (which it was). And I notice that mysteriously the Hana mod is now back in stock except now the price is $89.89.

            So just an hour after the Hana mod was marked “out of stock” they decide to jack up there price and re-post it.
            I consider this very shady.

  • Gary 06/09/2014

    Told me coupon is expired.

  • taz2041 06/09/2014

    They never really fixed the errors. The only thing they did was went and changed my shipping address so that the order I placed gets sent to the correct address.
    The way there check out system is you have the option to choose (shipping address same as billing address) I didnt use this, instead I gave a different address for shipping, but there system automatically set the shipping address as the billing address and they corrected it on there side.

    They never did refund me the money I was charged for the “free” shipping. As a matter of fact they didn’t even reply to me emails about the shipping charge at all.

    As far as pulling there Hana mod and re-listing it at a higher price mid-sale, I think that is a bit sketchy of a business practice.
    IMO If they would have noted that the coupon was not valid on the Hana mod from the beginning of the sale would have been acceptable.

    It is there business and they have the right to do whatever they want with it. I as the consumer have the right to choose whether or not I spend my money there.
    And although the shipping charge wasn’t a deal breaker, It comes down to the fact that they show free shipping but didn’t honor it or even return my emails about it. Going in if I knew they charged for shipping I still would have ordered.
    But with them advertising free shipping and not honoring it or returning my emails about it along with them jacking up there Hana price mid-sale (IMO) isn’t a stand-up practice.
    BTW my order# was 2179
    I also have a buddy that ordered a Innokin VTR from them and the total (after coupon) was over $50 and he was also charged shipping. He has emailed them about the shipping charge and has not received a response from them either. I can get an order number for that also if it matters.

  • Chief of Staff 06/09/2014

    we have refunded the shipping expense. we dont know how or why the system charged you. but its been refunded.

    • taz2041 06/10/2014

      I did receive the shipping refund. Thank you..
      But it’s a little odd to receive a response on here rather than by email.

  • Justin Contreras 07/09/2014

    *** For the record, these tanks are not authentic… at least mine wasn’t. Whoever produced these did a incredible job of making it look authentic. Everything down to the scratch off. Well, I received my tank in a very timely matter. so soon after I immediately opened it, and filled it up. Started getting a moldy dummied down taste, so I then tried changing the air valve control, well thats where I got suspicious, the air valve was glued to what seemed like the 1.8mm hole (largest). After that I decided to try the scratch off. Come to find out, it was indeed a fake, and that same code had been registered over 408 times! I contacted and they apologized for the inconvenience and are sending an “authentic” one tomorrow, so we shall see.. Beware guys, these fakes are incredibly on point, and you’ll never know til it arrives unfortunately..***


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