Atomizer Ohm Meter 510/eGo – $5.86

ecig Atomizer Ohm Meter

ego/510 Ohm Meter

eCig ohm Tester

I just came across this amazing deal on a e-cig atomizer ohm meter or resistance tester. Get one for only $5.86 with free shipping which is the lowest price I’ve seen one of these sell for.

The ecig ohms meter/ resistance tester has a 510/ego threading and a 3 digit LED display. Just screw your e-cigarette atomizer on to the meter and the screen will display your atomizer’s resistance in ohm’s. It can read out anywhere from 0.01 to 9.99 ohms.

Anyone who builds their own atomizer coils needs one of these devices, for under $6 bucks how could you pass this up. It requires two AA batteries for power.

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OhmMeter Features:

  • On/Off switch
  • ABS hard plastic housing
  • It reads from 0.01 to 9.99 ohms
  • Accurate to +-0.4%
  • Simple and easy to use with 510 and eGo connectors
  • Powered by 2*AA batteries (batteries sold separately)


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  • Lisa Stanton 10/21/2014

    Is this a regular price?? I desperately need one of these but can’t get it til Friday! (10/24) Thank you for your time.

    • Jerry 10/21/2014

      Sure you can get it by Friday…Friday of next year. Fast tech is profoundly slow. I’m still waiting for my first, and last, order. I placed it at the beginning of the month. Tracking shows it’s still somewhere in China. I would avoid them if you can. You would get it faster by walking there and picking it up from their location.

      • Jerry 10/21/2014

        You’re better off getting a cheap digital multi-meter for even less than that price. Not only will you be able to check resistance, you can also check battery life.


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