Aspire Atlantis – Sub Ohm Tank

Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Sub-Ohm Tank

The Aspire Atlantis is now ready for purchase with a retail price of $44.99 but don’t worry I just posted a $31.99 Aspire Atlantis Deal here. Before the release of the Atlantis people were patiently waiting for the creation of an Aspire Nautilus 2.0 but instead we all got the Aspire Atlantis, a replaceable coil tank atomizer that’s supposed to perform like an RDA.

If you thought the new Aspire bottom vertical coils (BVC) coils were cool then you will be amazed with the new Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm coils. Two of these replaceable coil-heads will be included with the Atlantis in a resistance level of 0.5ohms. My guess is that in the near future they will release Atlantis coil-heads with a wide range of resistance levels. From the picture you can see that the coil-heads are larger in size than the previous Nautilus coils heads.

The Aspire Atlantis will also have a new and improves airflow system which will be larger than airflow systems in previous Aspire tanks. To handle all that extra airflow the Atlantis will also have a new wide-bore drip tip. Like the nautilus the Atlantis tank will screw into the chimney of the atomizer to hold the device together.

Will the new Aspire Atlantis provide vapors with a new device to fall in love with of will it fail expectations like the Protank 3. We will soon find out, pre-orders are expected to start soon because the release date is set for the third week of November. We will post new information here as it comes in.

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Aspire Atlantis Features:

  • 2ml Capacity Glass Tank
  • New Sub-Ohm BVC coil heads
  • Special designed drip tip
  • Upgrade adjustable airflow system
  • 510 Connector
  • Only works with the new Atlantis heads (does NOT work with original Nautilus heads nor the Nautilus BVC heads)
  • Comes with two 0.5ohm coil-heads
  • Massive Air Flow
  • Air hole size: 2mm, 2.8mm, ellipse 6*2.6mm, ellipse 9*2.6mm
  • Unique anti-leakage design
  • Compatible with 510 drip tips
  • Measures 2-1/8” by 7/8” (without drip tip)

This is Rip Trippers video review of the Aspire Atlantis Tank with the new 0.5 sub-ohm coil-heads.

Features of new aspire atlantis

Aspire Atlantis Sub-ohm vaping



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  • jeremy 11/05/2014

    looks pretty kick ass!

  • Chris 11/05/2014

    I heard it was only 2ml? Kinda bummer but ill still get it, though id prefer 5ml or more especially if im going .5 🙂

  • cliff 11/05/2014

    I want one I want one I want one I want one that is all

  • Randy Barlow 11/09/2014

    2 ml tank will kill it.

  • chris 11/16/2014

    Awesome can’t wait to try vape on

  • chris 11/18/2014

    VaporDNA is posting that they have the new aspire Atlantis in stock 39.95$ coils will be available in two weeks. Claims to be better than expected with awesome flavor an vapor production. I want one. Sound like this could be big

  • Gary 11/20/2014

    Was analyzing that really great parts picture, zooms very large and makes it easy to see how this new sub Ω coil is built and compared it to the existing Nautilus coil and it’s quit different, which frankly would be smart on Aspires part as far as creating a new style of atomizer, you wouldn’t I suppose want to just design a new atomizer that will work with their same old coils, This Atlantis might work with the existing coils, but I don’t think so looking at how the coil is designed.
    The bottom thread has about three more thread turns to it and the top chimney thread is now completely up at the top of the coil not part way down like the originals.
    Also the wick holes are larger to draw in more juice and placed about mid way up.
    I’ve been rebuilding Nautilus coils forever at subΩ’s and have even drilled them out for juice flow improvement so I find this new Atlantis as a, “Well It’s about darn time”
    I do believe they really choked though, releasing the Atlantis which does come with one coil, but there’s no place to buy packs of coils yet and if you don’t have some power to go with this, like their new Aspire CF 2000 ego style battery which also got recalled, well the market is going to be really messed up for a minute with this product.
    They should have got all the bugs worked out then release everything, not piece meal.
    I did just glance at this Nautilus coil I have sitting here, and if I cut the part off just above the chimney threads these just might work with the new Atlantis, Dremel time, but a 2ml tank?
    I vape that in one pull, well close, just kidding, OK I’ll bite, off the VaporDNA..
    Need to experiment..
    Yiloong has also released a very cool looking atomizer and just sent me some pics of it, The Yiloong 28mm chariot atomizer, looks to be ceramic cup, but very cool design.
    Does it ever end…☺

  • ric 11/29/2014

    I bought one this morning to try on my god 180.
    I went back to the b&m and bought another (because when I bought the first one the guy said they only had onemore left).
    Highly rerecommended.

    • Dan 11/30/2014

      I bought one yesterday and strapped it on top of my new god box I bought with it at Boston Vapors in Salem, NH. I love it! rips just like an RDA without having to constantly refill the atty. No dripping and driving. I started with cereal killah juice and switched to some sugar bear. I was worried I would have an over lapse of taste and would have to change the coil but the juice kept flowing without a mixed tasted. I highly recommend this new tank. Its a beast!

  • Andrew 12/23/2014

    Its like a flavor bomb in the mouth. Recommend to pro vapers only ! New to vaping I only recommend the aspire mini natilis. Sub ohm vaping is only for pro vapers. The new mini ipv makes a great combo with this tank !



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