Aspire Atlantis Clone – $16.22 China

Aspire Atlantis Clone

Clone of the Aspire Atlantis

They now have a new Aspire Atlantis Clone listed at Fasttech and you can get for only $16.22 plus free shipping with coupon code “XMAS14” for 5% off.

The Aspire Atlantis hasn’t even been available that long and you can already buy a clone. This is what makes me think these clones are made in the same factory as the original. You have to ask yourself, “If there made in the same factory wouldn’t they be the same quality?”

Currently you can get an authentic Aspire Atlantis from an US vendor for only $31.99 right here. That makes the Atlantis clone half the price of the original, is it worth the clone factor and the wait? Well that’s up to you. It looks like this Atlantis clone comes with a full clearomizer, an extra glass tank section, a drip tip, and one 0.5ohm coil head.

Coupon Code: XMAS14

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Atlantis Clone Features:

  • Made from Stainless Steel with Glass tank
  • 510 drip tip
  • 510 connection
  • Sliding Airflow Control Ring


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  • Max 12/11/2014

    I “think” you’re right, these most probably didn’t pass muster or a way to get rid of over runs or quite possibly just a clever way to target consumers with a different price point. Even at $16.22 it’s over priced for what it is….much like all the other stuff in the vaping world.

  • Mike 12/11/2014

    I do agree, especially since a lot of these big name replacement coil guys, like Kanger and Aspire are China vendors.
    I don’t agree with Max. 15-16 bucks is mad cheap. You can get a $6 tugboat from Fasttech too, and it shows from a “nicer” clone. Plus it has none of the inner workings and options that something like this has. If it was made and designed in America, it would be 4-5 times more. That’s why America can’t compete with China vendors/manufacturers. America is hanging on by a thread in the vape game IMO. I just built my own box, dual unregulated, MOSFET, the whole nine, the parts alone, including shipping, divided by parts per unit (and yes I bought a lot of the stuff in bulk to lower the price of parts or divide the shipping over them), it cost me $33.60 a unit, that’s not including manpower. Fasttech already is pumping dual unregulated’s, with OR without safety features for $25-$30 shipped.
    American’s want everything dirt cheap, and we want more than we deserve for what we do. China keeps their head down and mouth shut and just keeps producing, hence why most of the world was “Made in China”.

  • herb canter 12/11/2014

    Even though i agree on your point that most everything is overpriced this is still half the cost of the authentic so to me it’s worth a gamble to someone who wants one.

  • John 12/11/2014

    Well you see what I think may be going on is you now see these companies making their own “authentic” products cheaper than the Philippines or USA then you see a clone of the product less than a month later. They are cashing in on both ends, folks who want an authentic but can’t afford the Philippines or USA premium pricing and those who are thrifty and can’t pass up a good deal. I mean I would if I were a mod maker. Do limited runs of my supposed high end mod and do a deal with a Chinese manufacture to make a clone of my mod there by making maximum profit from my work.


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