Arctic V2 Tank $26.05

Arctic V2 Sub-Ohm Tank

Arctic Version 2 Sub-Ohm Tank

Horizon Tech is back with another iteration of the Arctic sub-ohm atomizer. This time, though, it is slightly different and able to compete with the big boys. You can pick yours up for just $26.05 through VaporBeast when you use coupon code “YEAHBABY”.

The original version of the Arctic sub-ohm tank was beastly for what it was, sporting good flavor and hellacious clouds. This time around, Horizon Tech has taken a page out of Aspire’s playbook and changed up the Arctic to mirror their powerhouse, the Atlantis V2.

The main difference between the Arctic V2 and its V1 counterpart is the adjustable airflow drip tip that comes standard with the unit. Just like the Atlantis V2, the second version of the Arctic uses the drip tip to not only cool off the vapor, but also to act as a turbine and pull more vapor in.

With this small addition to the Arctic, Horizon Tech has allowed for far superior flavor and vapor production. It is now at the same level as other big name tanks like the Herakles and Freemax Starre.

At the low price of only $26.05, the Arctic V2 is definitely worth the buy. Get your very own today through VaporBeast and join the next generation of sub-ohm tanks. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to vape with the best. And as always, vape on.

Coupon Code: YEAHBABY

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  • 2.5ml capacity
  • Stainless steel and glass construction
  • Sub-ohm coil heads (0.2 ohm,0.5ohm,1.2ohm optional)
  • Adjustable Airflow Function
  • Stainless Steel Drip tip with Adjustable airflow

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  • andrew 07/18/2015

    2.5ml of liquid?!?!! That’s all? I like tanks you can fill before going to work and not have to fill again till you get home (kanger subtank, original; and Atlantis 5ml upgrade) 2.5ml of liquid would barely make it to first break…

    • John 11/07/2015

      Yeah except that the kanger sub & atlantis burn juice twice as fast. I put 3ml and make it fine, and if I have to get my lazy ass up to refill the only tank that’s ever lasted me longer than a couple months with no sloppy juicy hits like Kangers joke of a “sub tank”, so be it… Really, you should consider overlooking the small tank. Maybe it’s cause the small tank works better? I can’t seem to find another reason Kanger & Aspire can’t make a worthy tank… The Arctic v1 was my 1st subohm, and I finally went back for the v2 and thank god cause I’m sick of top priced bullshit products from kanger especially


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