Arctic Dolphin T-Gi $58.99

Dolphin T-Gi

T-Gi 150W Box Mod

The Dolphin T-Gi box mod by Arctic is now available for purchase through AngelCigs for just $58.99. If you are in need of a new high-end device, you should check this out. With 150 watts and temperature control, it is definitely worth the money.

The world of high-wattage box mods is ever-expanding right now. Companies all over are pumping out devices that run up to and past 150 watts, and Arctic is following suit. The Dolphin T-Gi sports all the great features of high-end box mods, including temperature control.

The Dolphin T-Gi from Arctic runs from 1-150W and from 200 all the way up to a whopping 800°F, which is definitely atypical. On average, temperature control box mods only run up to a safe 600°F.

Due to most temperature control devices not running past 600 degrees, the Dolphin T-Gi running up to 800 degrees has me slightly worried. It has been reported that running at such a high temperature could result in the creation of harmful toxins.

Despite having the possibility of being dangerous, I am sure that there has been plenty of testing to ensure the safety of the Dolphin T-Gi. If you are in need of more power and want a nice hot vape, this box will work great for you.

The Dolphin T-Gi from Arctic is a fantastic deal that should satisfy most vapers out there. Do not miss out on picking your very own up for just $58.99 from AngelCigs. Get yours while you still can, and as always, vape on.

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  • Variable wattage: 1-150W
  • Output voltage: 0-6V
  • Resistance range: 0.05-4 ohm
  • Temperature control:200F-800F

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  • Silkworm 08/08/2015

    Grand innovations GI2 ? All over again !

  • Andrew 08/15/2015

    I have one of these. It’s actually not too bad at all. The temp control works, but it doesn’t seem to let you adjust wattage in temp mode. Mainly been using it in VW mode and it’s been performing great.
    The software is different to the original Gi2 and it’s clones. It’s been somewhat simplified, and the interface looks a bit different.
    It also doesn’t have the firing delay issues like the old ones.
    It’s been pretty well rock solid with builds running up to 30amp – I’ve been pretty damn impressed with it for the price

  • Don 12/11/2015

    This thing is garbage. Don’t waste your money. I got one and it lasted 2 weeks before it died. Trying to get it replaced is a nightmare. Don’t waste your money.


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