Aeolus v2 RDA Authentic $69.95

Aeolus v2 RDA

Aeolus v2 RDA

Check out the newest RDA from Syntheticloud, the Aeolus v2. This beast of an RDA hosts all the most appealing features that its predecessor did, with a few tweaks that make this something to watch out for in the competitive vape scene. Don’t let the price tag deter you; the Aeolus at $69.95 is a steal. With some of the best airflow on the market and one of the easiest decks to build on, the Aeolus authentic RDA is definitely worth it.

The Aeolus v2 RDA implements Syntheticloud’s signature vertical airflow system, maximizing airflow around the coils. According to Syntheticloud, “This ultimately produces a much cooler, denser, and tastier vapor while also preventing stagnant vapor from collecting at the bottom.” Paired with an anti-spitback design, anti-leak cover, a reverse-threaded deck, and the best airflow control on any RDA to date, the Aeolus shines as one of the leading competitive RDA’s out there. Make sure to pick up the Aeolus v2 Authentic RDA from Syntheticloud today for only $69.95 through Vapor Hub or $75.00 directly from Syntheticloud’s site. Don’t let this RDA slip through your hands.

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Aeolus RDA v2 Features:

  • Syntheticloud’s Vertical Airflow System
  • Syntheticloud’s Anti-Leak System
  • PEEK Insulators (649.4ºF)
  • Unparalleled Flavor
  • Wider Range of Airflow Configurations
  • 3x More Maximum Airflow
  • Additional Small Air holes for Tighter Draws
  • Reverse-Threaded Deck
  • Anti-Spin Square Center post
  • 18K Gold-Plated Brass Contacts
  • 18K Gold-Plated Brass Sleeve, Top Cap, and AFC

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