50% Off Nicoticket E-Liquid

Nicoticket E-Liquid

For a limited time Nicoticket is offering customers 50% off any e-liquid order. Just use the Nicoticket coupon code “BOGO” at checkout and receive a 50% discount.

If you’re looking for some new e-liquid to try you may want to try Nicoticket’s award winning ejuice. In 2014 they won the Best of ECF “Members Choice” award and in 2013 they won another Best of ECF award. Their flavor H1Ni has won numerous awards including best Tobacco flavor and best overall eliquid. Check out their site to see the entire list of awards they have won.

I’m not sure when this coupon code will expire but I know it’s only valid for a limited time.

Coupon Code: BOGO

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  • Dimitry 04/27/2015

    Wow, $10 for 15mls… Thanks N, that coupon is like gold for those who would order from them. However, at 50% off it’s still $5 for 15ml bottle plus shipping. Man am I glad I make my own juice now.

    • Chaotix 04/28/2015

      I can see myself ordering from ny shipping time would be virtually non existent considering their only 40 miles away from me lol.

  • Skorpeyon 04/28/2015

    I’ve been a customer of theirs for quite a while now (not often, not a lot, but every so often). Their bakery flavors, in my opinion, are simply excellent. The owners have stated this is a “new customer” coupon code and that it is only valid once per person/address/ip/account/whatever. Essentially, they intend to keep it active as long as it’s not abused and they were nice enough to offer it to current customers as well as new ones for one-time only. I’ve already used it, myself, and they’re nice guys over there so please don’t try to take advantage of them with multiple fake accounts and things of that nature.

    • Jennifer 06/12/2015

      You do realize that you just gave people the idea to do this just by saying that, right??


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