Top 5 WORST E-Cigarette Starter Kit Deals

Smoke 51 E-Cig Starter Kit

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ts New Year resolution time, and that mean lots of people will be trying to quit smoking. Many will discover electronic cigarettes and purchase their first starter kit. I hope they don’t get suckered into buying one of the kits I’ve listed below. Here are the worst 5 e-cigarette starter kits available to purchase right now.

The 5 Worst E-Cigarette Starter Kit Deals

Starting with #5, the best of the worst deals…

5. The NUVO Cig “Premium Deluxe” E-Cigarette Starter kit – $149.99

The NUVO Cig “Premium Deluxe” Kit


The only thing in this entire kit that I would use is the e-go style battery. Other than that this kit is just like all the other crappy stick style e-cigarette starter kits, two batteries, 15 cartridges, a case, and some chargers. What makes this an even bigger rip-off is that fact that I’ve never even heard of this company. Well at least they offer a 30% discount, you just have to order 4 kits.


4. The Zero Cig “Step down Kit” E-Cigarette Starter Kit – $159.99

ZERO Cig e-cigarette starter kit

The Zero Cig “Step down” Kit


This kit is supposed to help you wean off nicotine by using cartridges with lower amounts of nicotine with their special little plan. So you get 70 cartridges, 2 batteries, and 2 chargers. I feel sorry for the person who left the single review for this product. What’s strange is that both the $7.99 car and wall charger also received exactly one review of 5 stars, weird.



3. The LUCi “Complete” E-Cigarette Starter Kit – $199.99

LUCI e-cigarette starter kit

The LUCi “Complete” Kit


The only reason this kit is not in the first spot is because it comes will 105 cartridges. Now these “old type” cartridges only hold about 1/2ml of e-liquid, I know this from experience. That means that your only getting a little over 50 milliliters of e-liquid, so $30 bucks worth. The entire kit only has 2 full e-cigarettes (atomizer and battery), 3 different chargers, and 105 flavored cartridges. Well at least you get free shipping on orders over $100 bucks.



2. The Smoke Fifty-One “Deluxe” E-Cigarette Starter Kit – $189.99

Smoke 51 E-Cigarette Starter Kit

The Smoke Fifty-One “Deluxe” Kit


The one unique item in this kit is a “Club 51 membership”, if it’s worth $150 dollars than the price of this kit makes sense. I’m guessing the membership is just an auto ship program that charges you for more over-priced cartridges each month. Anyway this kit has is 2 batteries, 20 cartridges, 2 chargers, and the Club 51 membership. The only reason this kit isn’t number 1 is because another Smoke 51 kit is.


1. The Smoke Fifty-One “Blue Line” E-Cigarette Starter Kit – $179.99

Smoke 51 E-Cig Starter Kit

The Smoke Fifty-One “Blue Line” Kit


Apparently the “Blue Line” is supposed to appeal to your “sense of style”, well it’s not going to be appealing to anyone with common sense. This kit only contains 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers, and a few chargers, what a horrible deal.  I can’t believe this company is still in business, they have been ripping people off since 2008. You may have seen these products being sold in your local mall, hopefully you never got suckered into buying one.


Five years ago it was common for people to buy e-cigarette starter kits like these at the mall for $150= dollars, I just can’t believe these things are still being sold. I hope you enjoyed reading this but seriously, let’s educate the new vapers out there so they don’t make the same mistake some of us did 5 years ago.

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