26650 Kayfun Lite Plus Pre-Order – $36.09 USA

26650 Kayfun Lite Plus

26650 Kayfun Lite Plus

Kayfun Lite 26650

Yep, the 26650 size is taking over and it seems pre-orders as well. Right now you can pre-order a 26650 Kayfun Lite Plus clone for $36.09 when you use coupon code “5OFF” at checkout.

I personally prefer smaller items like the Kayfun Mini over 26650 sized items but I know some of you will love this.

The 26650 Kayfun Lite is 28.5mm in diameter and can hold over 10ml of e-juice, my god! Basically it’s just an over sized Kayfun Lite.

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  • Gary 05/13/2014

    LOL really hard, ya put that on an ego or an MVP, next thing will be an ego to match this thing but not to worry it will come with a 5in beauty ring and of course the ego will be Variable Volt to 35, the trend is now either mini or E HUGE and remember when the Innokin 134 was $140 and consider a potential weapon or light saber, it’s a joke now.
    I’m thinking originals are probably a thing of the past and now the clone makers are the original makers.
    Kind of sad I think..


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