24K Gold Drip Tip Package Giveaway!

24K Gold Drip Tip Giveaway

24K Gold Drip Tip Package Giveaway Worth $475!

That’s right were giving away $475 dollars worth of drip tips this week! Five winners will each get a 16 piece drip tip prize package including a limited edition 24K Gold plated DNA drip tip by Dynasty ($35 Value) from VaporDNA.

The DNA drip tip is triple plated with 99.9% 24 carat gold and printed with an individual serial number (1-300). That mean that there were only 300 of these made! The drip tip is imprinted with a nicotine molecule and even comes in it’s own black velvet pouch to keep it safe.

24K Gold Drip Tip

There is also 15 more dip tips included 2 that glow in the dark, 4 extra long tips, 2 splatter painted, 2 muffler style, and many more. The total value of each 16pc package is $95.00 and were giving away 5, that’s $475.00 worth of drip tips!

Enter below…

(Giveaway entry box may not display on some mobile devices (ie iPhone))

Thanks to VaporDNA for hooking up the 24K Gold plated drip tips. They stock a huge selection of high quality products, go check them out www.VaporDNA.com

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*Winners will be notified by e-mail and have 48 hours to claim the prize. Last day to enter is May 20th at 11pm PST. Winners will be drawn and notified within 72 hours of giveaway closure.
Vaping Cheap reserve’s the right to disqualify contestants. Contestants shall not enter multiple times or use multiple accounts to enter. Fraudulent activities will be monitored and will lead to exclusion of all current and future sweepstakes/giveaways. 
Currently you must have a USA shipping address to win. We may expand to other countries in the future. 

Nathan is the founder of VapingCheap.com and dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. In 2008 he had his first vape on a DSE-901 e-cigarette and has loved them ever since. He created Vaping Cheap to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.

  • Eric Meyers 04/17/2014

    Awesome giveaway

  • Lina 04/17/2014

    Thanks to VaporDNA for hooking up the 24K Gold plated drip tips.

  • susyn 04/17/2014

    I can never see the entry forum; Macbookpro / safari
    I really wanted to enter this one.

  • Joy Myerholtz 04/19/2014

    This is an excellent package

  • nameisTJ 04/19/2014

    This isn’t working for me. other giveaways are showing up fine. tried multiple browsers

  • nicol Jacobs 04/27/2014

    I cant enter. I tried on android phone and tablet. No access to any other type of computer. Really wished I could enter.

  • susyn 04/27/2014

    These contests here never show up.

  • Kathi Berman-Gilmore 05/02/2014

    I have tried entering this contest around 10-15 times and the box still says no entries…I would so love to win these drip tips! They are gorgeous! Thanks to you, Nathan for putting this together and to VaporDNA for their generosity!
    Now if we can just get it set to show my entries, shares, etc. I’d be real happy. I’ve tried from my iPhone (5S) and my iPad and it doesn’t work for either…I don’t have access to any non-Apple devices…

      • Kathi Berman-Gilmore 05/05/2014

        It works fine on the zen zna give away…but that’s on the gleam wheel, not this box! Not fair! I know I already won something but only having apple products shouldn’t disclude me from entering! Maybe you should hold off on this until ALL of us can enter appropriately? Wouldn’t that be more fair? I’ve attempted at least 10? 15? Different entries for this as well as others and it always shows ‘-‘ in the entry box! (Whine, whine!) = )
        Thanks for all you do Nathan! You rock!

  • Kathi Berman-Gilmore 05/05/2014

    Hey Nathan!
    It finally worked on my iPad!! Of course I don’t have all the entries I would have if it had worked all the other times but I’m just pleased that it finally worked!

  • erin 05/06/2014

    whoa! thank you

  • Michele Creekmore 05/18/2014


  • LouPop13 05/24/2014

    I just wanted to say to whomever didn’t claim their prize in time… Thank You!! 🙂

    And HUGE Thanks to Nathan & Vaping Cheap… You Rock!!!


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