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Super Cheap Nicotine e-liquid

Cheap Nicotine e-liquidCheap DIY Nicotine e-Liquid

If you like to make your own e-liquid then listen to this. Vices e-cig’s has lowered prices on all of their unflavored nicotine e-liquid. Everything from 6mg to 100mg e-liquid is available. Here are some of the DIY e-liquid prices from their website.

  • 100mg Nicotine / 250ml – $16.94
  • 36mg Nicotine / 250ml – $9.37
  • 100mg / 30ml – $3.55
  • 36mg / 30ml – $2.68

I couldn’t find a reason for this price drop, It’s so low that I expect they may be clearing out some older inventory.

NOTE: Just got an e-mail from Vices e-cigs and they say ” we receive fresh shipments of nicotine in on a weekly basis” so now even though I have a big bottle of nicotine e-liquid i’m thinking of buying more from them.

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