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Buy Cheap Nicotine liquid

Cheap Nicotine e-liquidCheap DIY Nicotine e-Liquid

If you like to make your own e-liquid then listen to this. My Freedom Smokes has lowered price on all of their unflavored nicotine e-liquid. Now you can buy a 1000ml bottle of 100mg strength nicotine liquid for only $50 bucks!

The normal retail price on one liter of 100mg strength nicotine is $139.99 so $50 dollars is an amazing deal. This is enough nicotine to last most vapers over a year…maybe two or three!

This nicotine liquid is made with high quality nicotine and you can see the lab batch testing here. This offer is not scheduled to end but it may end at any time without notice. So make sure to buy nicotine liquid here before the price goes up!

Buy 1000ml for $50

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