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Smoktech e-Pipe Mech Mod – $21.95 USA

SMOKtech ePipe Mod

SMOKtech ePipe Mod

ePipe Mod

This is the lowest price I have seen on the Smoktech ePipe Mod from a USA vendor. It’s only $21.95 with shipping, or is it free? The site says you must spend $35 to get free shipping but when I went through checkout it gave me a free shipping option.

I really like my Smoktech e-Pipe, I always take it with me when I go out. It’s small and fits into my pockets, I hate carrying around huge mods. This pipe is powered with an 18350 battery but you can buy an 18500 extension for around $5 bucks. If you use 2 of these extensions to fit an 18650 battery but it looks a little funny. Choose from wither chrome or black chrome colors.

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  1. Love the look of the pipe mod from smok. Can I get this in the uk and do they work with the popular pipes like kangertech and aspire vaporiser chambers as I’m very interested in buying a few of these

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