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Cheap Hammer Mod Clone – $22.57 CHINA

Hammer Mod CloneHammer Mod Clone

The Hammer mod has a style I can appreciate, I like the pipeish type look and the graphics are pretty sweet. Good old Fasttech has finally got a clone version in stock at a great price. The mod starts at $22.57 but if you want the extension tubes it will cost you $30.82. Some of it’s features include floating 510 center pin, brass contacts, lazer engraved logo, and a top firing switch.

NOTE: The locking ring in not reverse threaded. 

Hammer Mod Clone Features (From FT):

  • Floating 510 center pin
  • Laser engraving logo on body
  • Unique serial number
  • Brass contacts
  • White Derlin insulator
  • Top spring-loaded firing switch
  • Locking ring is NOT reverse threaded
  • Bottom 6 vent holes
  • Recessed 510 connection
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery (Batteries sold separately)

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Click here for the Extension Pipe Version

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