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Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable Atomizers for e-Cigarettes AKA RBA or RDA

Gold Kayfun Lite Clone SHIP’D – $15.99 USA

Gold Kayfun Lite Clone

E-Cigarette RBA Here’s a good deal on a Gold Kayfun Lite Clone from Angel Cigs USA warehouse. Get it shipped to your door for only $15.99 each. I really like my Kayfun tanks, they all preform great but I prefer when they have an adjustable airflow control which ...

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Plume Veil Clone RDA – $11.19 CHINA

Plume Veil RDA

eCigarette Atomizer I know many of you are interested in a cheap Plume Veil clone so here it is! Get this atomizer for only $11.19 with free world wide shipping included. The Plume Veil RDA has three different sources of airflow, air comes in through the slots in the ...

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Smoktech RSST RBA SHIP’D – $17.77 USA

Smoktech RSST Atomizer

E-Cigarette Atomizer Here’s a nice deal on the Smoktech RSST genesis style rebuildable atomizer. Get one for only $17.77 plus free shipping, just use coupon code “YEAHBABY” for 10% off. The RSST RBA is a genesis style atomizer made of stainless steel with a Polypropylene tank. It features an insulated wick ...

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Orca RDA Atomizer by Fcusecig – $17.99 USA

Orca RDA Atomizer

eCigarette RDA Here’s a good deal on a new Orca dripping atomizer by Fcusecig. Get one for $17.99 plus a free 10ml bottle of e-liquid when you use coupon code “DNA10″ for 10% off. The Orca RDA has a triple post design for dual-coil builds and a multiple ...

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26650 Cerberus RDA Clone – $15.88 CHINA

Cerberus RDA Clone

E-Cig Atomizer I got a sweet 28.5mm Cerberus dripping atomizer deal for you today. Get this 26650 RDA for only $15.99 with free world wide shipping included. The Cerberus has a 6 post design and I through that center triplr post section can be removed. It can also ...

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Mephisto RDA Clone Atomizer – $8.96 CHINA

Mephisto RDA Clone

eCigarette Atomizer A clone of the Mephisto rebuildable dripping atomizer is now avaliable at Fasttech. The cheapest version starts at $8.96 each with free shipping included. You can also get a set of 3 airflow control rings for $15.81 but I thought $7 more buck for 2 extra AFC rings ...

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APO RDA Clone Free Shipping – $12.00 USA

APO E-Cig Atomizer

E-Cigarette RDA I just came across this nice “deal of the day” on a APO dripping atomizer, it only costs $12.00 bucks and that included free shipping and handling. This is a pretty good deal since they cost $10.39 on Fasttech. The APO rda has a stainless steel ...

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Black Explorer Dripping Atomizer – $11.97 CHINA

Black Explorer RDA

E-Cig Atomizer Here’s a new deal on a black Explorer rebuildable atomizer at Fasttech. Pick one up for only $11.97 with free world wide shipping included. I purchased one of these awhile ago and it’s a nice basic dripper with a good airflow control and juice well. This RDA has ...

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26650 Zenith V3 RDA (28.5mm) – $16.61 CHINA

26650 Zenith RDA

E-Cigarette Atomizer There’s a new 28.5mm wide version of the Zenith RDA that will fit nicely on an 26650 e-cigarette mod. Pick one up for only $16.61 with free world wide shipping. The Zenith V3 has a solid copper positive post / 510 contact, an adjustable airflow system ...

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Color Poseidon RDA Atomizer – $22.99 USA

Poseidon RDA Atomizer

E-Cigarette RDA Looks like they just stocked the new Poseidon atomizer by Ciggreen over at 101Vape. It’s avaliable in six different colors for $22.99 each with shipping starting at $1.99. The Poseidon RDA features a 5 post design for quad coil builds, an airflow control top cap, Heat Resistant Insulator, ...

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On9Stop Deals, Cats RDA Clone – $15.99 USA

Cats RDA Clone

E-Cigarette RDA I just got notified of some weekly deals at On9Stop. One of the deals that caught my eye was a Cats dripping atomizer clone for only $15.99. There are also 7 other deals listed. The Cats RDA is definataly for a more experienced coil builder, it has a very unique ...

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Veritas RDA Clone – $14.88 USA

Veritas RDA Clone

E-Cigarette Atomizer If you looking for a cheap Veritas dripping atomizer from a USA supplier Vices’s e-cigs has one listed for only $14.88 plus shipping. I know you can get one from China for only $10.60 but some people like to buy from the good old USA. The Veritas has ...

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