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Vox Orchid V2 RBA by Tobeco – $19.95 USA

Vox Orchid V2

eCigarette RBA The new Vox edition Orchid V2 atomizer is available for pre-order on ebay for $19.99 and expected to arrive September 12th. The Vox Orchid V2 RBA has some new features over the original version including an improved bottom fill port for easier filling, deeper vertical juice ...

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454 Big Block RDA Clone – $10.61 CHINA

454 Big Block RDA

eCig Atomizer A few new clones of the 454 Big Block dripping atomizer is now avaliable at Fasttech for a great price! They have two stainless steel versions for $10.61 or $11.29 and a copper version for $11.49, all come with free world wide shipping. The 454 Big Block RDA is packed ...

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Mutation X RDA by Indulgence – $22.49 USA

Mutation X Atomizer RDA

eCig Atomizer VaporDNA has re-stocked the Indulgence Mutation X RDA and you can pick one up for only $22.49 with coupon code “WELCOME10″ for 10% off. Made by Indulgence the Mutation X atomizers’s main features is it’s total of 18 air hole adjustable airflow system, 9 on each side. This ...

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Competition Doge RDA (Sub-Ohm) – $26.99 USA

Competition Doge RDA by Sub-Ohm

Project Sub-Ohm Midnight tonight (PST) is the official release of the Competition Doge RDA brought to you by X Congrevape and Project Sub-Ohm. Pick up this competition RDA for only $26.99 when you use coupon code “WELCOME10″ for 10% off. The Competition Doge RDA was build for one thing ...

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Aluminum Tugboat RDA Clone – $8.98 CHINA

Aluminum Tugboat RDA Clone

eCigarette RDA These new aluminum Tugboat RDA’s look stunning! I can’t believe you can get any of the 7 different colors for only $8.98 with free world wide shipping. The Tugboat RDA Clone has a stainless steel base and a colored aluminum top cap that looks greats with the ...

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Tobeco 454 Big Block RDA – $15.99 USA

Tobeco 454 Big Block RDA Clone

E-Cigarette RDA This is a great deal since it’s shipping from the USA. get a Tobeco 454 Big Black clone for only $15.99. I posted a cheaper Chinese deal for $11.29 awhile ago but this is still a great deal. This 454 Big Block RDA is a 1:1 clone of ...

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26650 Plume Veil RDA (28.5mm) – $13.11 CHINA

28.5mm Plume Veil RDA

eCigarette Atomizer All you 26650 fans are gonna love this! Three new 28.5mm Plume veil RDA’s just arrived at Fasttech and prices range from $13.11 for stainless steel to $15.45 for copper. The Plume Veil is a very cool dripping atomizer, it has multiple sources of airflow including 2 different ...

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Orchid RBA Clone by Tobeco – $17.99 USA

Orchid RBA Clone by Tobeco

Tank Atomizer I just discovered two new deals on the new Tobeco Orchid RBA clone, both prices are lower than what I’ve previously seen. 101vape has it listed for $17.99 and Vaportek has it listed for $17.49 each. The Orchid RBA is a Kayfun/ Russian 91 type rebuildable atomizerso it ...

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Perseus RBA 26650 Genesis – $22.64 CHINA

26650 Perseus Genesis RBA

29.5mm Genesis RBA A new 26650 Perseus genesis style atomizer has hit the shelf’s of Fasttech.com today in a variety of different colors. All are avaliable for only $22.64 with free shipping. If your a fan of 26650 mods and genesis atomizers you need to check the 29.5mm ...

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IGO-W8 RDA E-Cig Atomizer – $26.99 USA

IGO-W8 Dripping Atomizer

eCig Dripper The new triple-post IGO-W8 is now avaliable at VaporDNA for only $26.99 when you use coupon code “WELCOME10″ for 10% off. Plus get a free 10ml bottle e-juice with every order. The IGO-W8 is made by Youde, it’s constructed from out 304 stainless steel and brass and ...

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Infinite CLT RDA Atomizer – $26.99 USA

Infinite CLT RDA Atomizer

eCig Atomizer The price on the Infinite CLT rebuildable dripping atomizer has dropped down to only $26.99 when you use coupon code “WELCOME10″ to save 10%. Plus get a free 10ml bottle of e-juice with your order. With shipping it may actually be better to cheaper to buy this one for ...

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Vulcan Clone RDA (Black & Gold) – 13.96 CHINA

Vulcan Clone RDA Atomizer

eCigarette RDA Some new versions of the Vulcan RDA clone are now avaliable, select from gold, black, and silver for only$13.96 each. they also have another silver version for only $12.37. See them all through the link below. The Vulcan Clone has some unique features for a dripping atomizer. ...

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